Mark Manoil for Treasurer
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Why I Run

It used to be the case that you could buy a home, open up a small business and start a family without going into massive debt or flirting with the possibility of poverty. Today that isn’t the case. At least for most of us.

More and more we see people who can’t pay off their college debt, can’t afford a house, can’t qualify for a small-business loan, and can’t afford to start a family. Our kids can’t live at home forever – things have to change.  

For too long our political establishment has enabled the bad behavior of corporations that gamble with our money, leaving us behind to pick up the pieces. When the government stops working for the people, we must elect new leaders to fix it. I will fight to create opportunity and restore dignity to an office that for too long has let politicians get away with bad budgets and self-dealing.



my story


Mark is a fourth generation Arizonan with roots stretching back to territorial days when his ancestors served as Treasurer.

A product of our public schools, Mark is a proud graduate of Arizona State University, where he earned his Masters of Business Administration and a law degree. Now a father with two grown children, Mark has witnessed first-hand the stark difference in the commitment politicians used to have for our students and teachers back when he was a student to now, when our elected leaders have turned their backs on our kids.

Today, Mark is a small business owner focused on enforcing our property laws, especially on greedy speculators trying to skirt taxes.



Restore opportunity


Community Banking

We need to build our wealth locally so that our communities aren’t ravaged by Wall Street. By establishing a robust, public community banking system in our state, those neighbors long left behind by the establishment can have access to borrowing power again.


Affordable Education & Borrowing

We need to go back to the promise of an education in our Arizona constitution. We’ll be able to truly invest in student success by offering actually affordable borrowing options to college students.


Small Business Expansion & Direct Home Financing

We’ll bring back investment into our communities the establishment has long since ignored, including capital and favorable terms for small business, housing and community development.

Infrastructure & Jobs

We’ll provide new solutions for our local cities and towns to improve infrastructure outside of financing by Wall Street.