Mark Manoil for Treasurer

Restore Opportunity


Community Banking

We need to build our wealth locally so that our communities aren’t ravaged by Wall Street. By establishing a robust, public community banking system in our state, those neighbors long left behind by the establishment can have access to borrowing power again.

Affordable Education & Borrowing

We need to go back to the promise of an education in our Arizona constitution. We’ll be able to truly invest in student success by offering actually affordable borrowing options to college students.

Small Business Expansion & Direct Home Financing

We’ll bring back investment into our communities the establishment has long since ignored, including capital and favorable terms for small business, housing and community development.

Infrastructure & Jobs

We’ll provide new solutions for our local cities and towns to improve infrastructure outside of financing by Wall Street.



Strong Credit & Revenue Security

Arizona’s credit rating was lowered in 2009 in part because of the state’s “inability to raise revenue.” As a result of the passage of Prop 108, it takes a supermajority vote in both houses of the legislature to increase the state’s budget. Increases in the budget also include closing tax loopholes,meaning this rule applies to canceling previous corporate tax giveaways. This perverse incentive in our laws has enabled corporations to shirk any responsibility in funding Arizona’s infrastructure - such as our public schools and roads - and has left individuals and families holding the bag. It has fostered a culture of insecurity in our society and government, and has driven us to the very crisis in education we have now.

A Balanced Approach

Our budget conversations cannot continue to focus exclusively on tax cuts. We need to have real revenue conversations that produce solutions to funding our crumbling infrastructure. The repeal of Prop. 108 is necessary to take the burden off families and get corporations to pay their fair share. We should refer it to the voters immediately.

Repeal the Supermajority Requirement

It doesn’t make sense that we can elect candidates with a simple majority but it takes a vote of over 66% to raise funds for students and teachers. The legislature should ask the voters to repeal the cumbersome supermajority requirement for revenue that helped create our current crisis.

Make Corporations Pay Their Fair Share

That supermajority requirement has caused a shift of the tax burden almost completely off of corporations and onto families. Once we repeal the supermajority requirement, we must review and repeal the over 30 years of corporate giveaways and finally make sure there are no free passes for the corrupt and greedy.




An Independent Watchdog

Our founders gave us a constitution that made the Treasurer an independent executive to act as a check on establishment excesses. Today, I’m a small business owner focused on enforcing the law on greedy corporations trying to skirt taxes. I’ll bring that same commitment to an office that for too long has let politicians get away with bad budgets and self-dealing.

End Self-Dealing and Corruption

The current treasurer has been caught double-dipping; taking hundreds of thousands from our university system for a job she’s not doing. This continues the trend of a long line of treasurers who have abused their position for financial gain. We need to put an end to this bad behavior and bring back integrity to the office.

Refuse Corporate Contributions

Money has tainted our politics. That’s why I’m a Clean Elections candidate - I promised to refuse dirty money and corporate cash and get funded primarily from $5 contributions from average citizens like you.

Hold Extremists Accountable

Recently, our state treasurers have been more concerned with lining their pockets and climbing the political ladder than holding the establishment accountable for their budgeting decisions. We need perspective and an independent voice in the treasurer’s office as our state constitution intended.